I've always been a believer that rooftop ceremonies are the way to perfectly spell out love and happiness.  When Sarah and Sam reached out to us to help them with their fantastic celebration at MMOCA in downtown Madison, we were very excited!  With geometric styles and a beautiful grey and blush palette, this modern stylish affair was pure perfection in the making!

There's nothing more beautiful than knowing the love story of our clients, so as per usual we asked them if they would take a few minutes to share about their love and the things they are most looking forward to on their wedding day.  They obliged our request (yay!)  Read on to learn about the love story of another of our favorite clients. I don't know how we continue to do it, but our couples are simply the best around, hands down.


Photo Credit by the super talented Jennifer Claire Photography  - @jclairephoto

How did you meet?

We first met when we were sophomores at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, working together as student employees at Memorial Library. We quickly became friends and whether we accepted it or not, it was quite obvious to our co-workers that we had a connection. It was more than a year after our initial meeting that we start dating. We tried to keep it quiet at work, but we later learned it was painfully obvious to co-workers that we were together.


How did you get engaged?

We like to keep the specifics of our engagement story a bit of a secret, keeping those incredibly special moments between just the two of us. What I will say though is Sam planned a surprise weekend for us and only gave me a days notice! Even though that may sound obvious of what was to come I was genuinely surprised!


What do you look most forward to about your wedding day? 

Having everyone we love in one place! Our family and closest friends are all over the globe, so having everyone together means so much to us. We are both from Minnesota, and a lot of our family has not spent much time in Madison. That was a big reason we decided to have everything right downtown Madison - showing off the best parts of the city!


What do you look most forward to about being married? 

Planning forever together! We will have been together for over 7 years once we get married, and while we have always been committed to each other there is something about marriage that really solidifies that feeling. Forever is really exciting to us because we know we'll continue to keep things interesting and stay adventurous! Starting with our honeymoon, when we will be exploring Japan and Thailand.


Pre-Wedding Lowdown:

Florals: Sunborn

Photographer : Jennifer Claire Photography

Catering : Gooseberry