Sarah + Tony 4/08/17

WHOOOEEE.  This season has gotten its grip on us, and with its overall craziness, we have slipped farther behind on our blogging.  So, lets go back to the start of this beautiful (rainy and windy) spring season and talk a bit about Sarah and Tony's grand Holy Wisdom ceremony and Monona Terrace affair.  

Tony and I had worked together at End Domestic Abuse WI on a conference we are set to do this November.  He came to me when they realized their guest count had risen above their original plan to have both the ceremony and reception at Holy Wisdom Monastery.  We worked together to find a perfect venue and secure their perfect start to their lives together.

When we first met Sarah, we were overcome by her beautiful spirit.  Sarah came to us with an idea in her heart, but wanted some help with styling her desires into the wedding that personified their love.   As I talked with Tony and Sarah, I felt a Spring wedding seemed like a beautiful take on her desires.  Sarah's personality was a lilting mix of freshness and beauty (just like Spring!) so we went with it.  

The ceremony did not need much, just a few beautiful vases filled with blooming branches on either side to accentuate the altar space.  If you haven't seen Holy Wisdom Monastery, and are looking for a beautiful venue, check it out!  It is an absolutely gorgeous space!  The Welcome table at the ceremony was a simple one, with beautiful postcards that the couple wrote to eachother throughout their relationship. I swear, they have the sweetest love I've seen! The bride took to singing hymns during the ceremony and her voice is just so gorgeous!

We created an escort table that highlighted this garden fresh feel, complete with flower escort cards "planted" in babies breath boxes and moss baskets.   We added little touches of golden watering cans (bedazzled by yours truly) and mixes of little accents of florals by the most talented Blooms!   

The reception space was filled with golden urns of spring blushes and greens.  They were luscious and extraordinary.  We mixed in floating candle gold tiers with greens around them on every other table to set up the extravagance even more.  We loved the simplicity of a simple cake from Craigs Cakes. It was truly a night to remember! 

Check out the photos from the highly talented Chrystal & Lucas Photography of the big day below.  Chrystal is an amazing photographer who is flexible, fun to work with, punctual and professional!