MEET OUR COUPLES | Meghan + Erik

We're pretty lucky to say that we have the most amazing wedding clients!  We find the most creative and unique individuals.  When I first talked to Meghan, I knew she'd fit in with our clientele especially given her vivacious and gregarious personality.  It felt like we'd known eachother for ages. I  have a feeling we'll stay in touch for years to come after we're done with creating her perfect vintage wedding day.  Her quick to laugh nature and her amazingly fun ideas for her day made us feel pretty special to be a part of her wedding day.  

Meghan and her fiance, Erik, are planning this wedding from Chicago, so we are super pumped to be able to pull from our knowledge base on rentals and vendors while they are in a different state.  

They took a second to answer our MEET OUR COUPLES blog questions and even though we haven't had the pleasure of meeting Erik yet,  I have a feeling we'll get along just splendidly after reading his highly amusing answers below!  Read on to hear more about their beautiful Lagaret wedding day! 


How did you meet?

Meghan was playing rugby in Indiana when she passed through Chicago on her way back to Milwaukee. She happened to stop by Erik's rugby game with friends and was invited to attend the team's pirate themed party that night. She didn't have any pirate attire but she always carried her American flag outfit with her when traveling for rugby, just in case! When getting ready in the apartment above the bar, Erik asked Meghan to glue his beard on (made of REAL human hair!!!). For some reason, she agreed and we have been in each other's lives ever since.

How did you get engaged?

Erik had been plotting long and hard for an elaborate proposal in Chicago when Meghan told him about a work trip to London that he should come along to. He quickly changed gears and dragged one of Meghan's closest friends out to go diamond shopping. Months earlier, Erik's mom had offered him her own engagement ring for him to give to Meghan, and he happily accepted. Erik looked for a picturesque location to propose while in London, but it was the town of Bath that provided the scene. Neither having been to Bath, Erik made a quick internet search and stumbled upon the Palladian bridge at Prior Park. It was perfect. After touring the city Erik and Meghan made their way up to the park where they meandered through the grounds and finally reached the bridge. Here, Erik took a knee (unknowingly in the mud) and asked Meghan if she would spend the rest of her life with him. Now he writes wedding blogs. 

What do you look most forward to about your wedding day? 

Meghan: I'm really looking forward to walking down the aisle and first seeing him. Since we aren't doing a first look, I am really anxious/excited about that first moment we see each other.

Erik : Seeing Meghan walk down the aisle; knowing full well that in a few short moments I will begin the rest of my life with the beautiful, intelligent and loving person walking towards me. The BBQ was a close second. 


What do you look most forward to about being married? 

Meghan: Erik and I will have lived together for two years when we get married and we have been through a lot of ups and downs. I am so excited to marry him, start a family, and grow old together, as a married couple finally. He is my best friend, travel buddy, shoulder to cry on, and rock when times get tough. I wouldn't want anyone else by my side for this crazy journey!

Erik: Meghan's health insurance far surpasses mine, which will be necessary as we embark on our many adventures around the world before starting our family of super-athletes.


Pre Wedding Low down:

Venue: Lagaret

Photographer : Tim Fitch Photography

Florist: Blooms  

Event Rentals : A la Crate Vintage Rentals

Engagement Photos (shown in this blog post)  done by :  Brittany Biedenbender