Corporate Event Planning Wisconsin | Corporate Sponsorship 101

Gaining Corporate Sponsors in Wisconsin and beyond!

The key to valuable fundraising is in achieving long term corporate sponsors.  Corporate sponsors are always looking for ways to get mutual business and marketing goals met. Trust in that.  It is not about looking for those companies who have bigger budgets, but instead about looking for ways to make it harder for a company to say no to your very well thought out pitch. 


Before entering that meeting, be sure to know what your potential sponsors own sales and marketing objectives are.  Where are they looking to promote? What will they get out of this if they give to you?  How does it benefit them first and foremost?  No business will give unless they see a return on their investment.  Can you give them brand recognition on your social media platforms, event website,  or other avenues?

Find out who you need to talk to first! There’s no point in going all the way to a meeting and realizing that the person you have met with is not the one who makes the decisions!  Businesses have many different teams that deal with these requests. They can range from marketing teams, community relations and PR teams, to corporate chain of commands, to advertising teams.  Find out who is the one who can give you the greenlight and then make the appointment.


1) Discuss Demographics : Be sure to prepared to talk to them about statistics of ages, race, employment status, gender of  who will be coming and who you will be marketing to (will this demographic be a target audience for them?)

2) Discuss Psychographics:  Does the personality, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles of the target group coincide with their sales and marketing goals?

3) Discuss the lasting impressions in the community: Talk to them about marketing strategies for the Event.  Come armed with a list of press releases and PR activity related to the event.

4) Discuss Tickets and Table Package availability.  Lay out a sponsorship package list and detail out package details including tickets given for each level of sponsorship.
5) Discuss sole proprietary areas and other avenues to increase total revenue for fundraising means. Is there a proprietary area that can be covered solely by the possible sponsor that coincides with their goals?

6) Most importantly, be sure to ask them what you can give them that no one else can. Is there something they want specifically? Ask them outright. Most of the time, you’ll be surprised at the level of honesty you get in response to that question.  Try your hardest to get what they want, and you’ll be guaranteed a sponsor!


Most sponsorship decisions tend to be made in the last quarter, so be sure to get out there at the right time!  Feel free to ask businesses outright when they do their decision making processes.  Even if things don't work out this time around, by knowing when they make their decisions, you can help your organization out next time around!

We know it's not easy to create the perfect fundraiser. We consult all around the country to come up with sure fire strategies to create the best and most profitable fundraisers.  Feel free to contact Spirit & Style Events for any corporate event planning needs. 

Best Wishes and Happy Planning!

Ru Wood



Ru Wood is the owner and CEO of Spirit & Style Events, Wisconsin's premiere Event Planning Agency based in Madison Wisconsin.  Seen as a  pioneer in event planning, she is an ingenious resource for creative solutions to corporate and personal event planning.     Spirit & Style Events is an event planning firm that believes in the power of a unique and positive event.  It is through creative event planning that goals are met and clients are satisfied with their returns.