MEET OUR COUPLES | Amanda + Chris

Love is in the air, as always at Spirit & Style Events!  We are happy to introduce one of our newest couples to sign with our agency.  Amanda and Chris's love story is one that's hard to beat and  we cannot wait to share in their special day.   Read on below to hear how they fell in love and what they have in store for their most important moment of their lives!


Lets raise a toast to this beautiful couple! 

Lets raise a toast to this beautiful couple! 




(AMANDA) It all started on Friday, March 13th (thankfully we're not superstitious) when I  was asked to bartend. I didn’t typically work Friday’s, but I agreed to that night. After a few hours of serving drinks, the bar filled up quickly and in walked Chris. You could say Chris probably had a few drinks before walking into the Silver Eagle. I finally noticed him when he was sitting at the bar with a mutual friend. I asked if I could get either of them anything, and Chris mentioned that he wanted my number. I laughed awkwardly and said, "How about a drink instead?" The night went on, as did the pick-up lines. At one point Chris kept asking, "Did it hurt?" I played along just because I thought it was funny and I asked, "Did what hurt?" However, Chris kept getting sidetracked and was a little too intoxicated to realize he needed to say the last part of the pick-up line. Eventually, Ross suggested that he actually finish the pick-up line. Finally, Chris finished the line and said, "When you fell from Heaven?"

Chris was very persistent throughout the night, and I eventually gave in and said he could call me. When he didn't ask for my number at the end of the night, I shrugged it off. The next day I was driving to Milwaukee and received a text from an unknown number. It turned out that it was from Chris; he had asked Ross for my number that morning (I’m surprised he remembered anything from that night haha). The rest is history!





(CHRIS) We were dating for a year when I decided that I was ready to make the leap. I realized that she was the one for me and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. The hard part now was deciding on the perfect ring to give her. I “casually” stumbled onto the topic of wedding rings and was able to figure out what style she liked. After a long unsuccessful search for that perfect ring, I decided that I would design one specifically for her. I spent four months working with the jeweler to make sure it turned out just as I had envisioned. When the ring was finally done I decided that I would propose to Amanda over the weekend, on Saturday … But I couldn’t wait that long so decided to pop the question Friday night. As Amanda was getting ready for bed, I asked if she wanted to play Uno. I knew she didn't like playing Uno and that I could nonchalantly suggest we play hangman instead (this was how I asked for our first kiss). She agreed to play and I got everything all setup. Amanda took her time getting ready for bed and I kept asking her if she was almost done, which only agitated her. Frustrated with me, Amanda finally came into the room to play hangman. She guessed a couple of letters and quickly realized that the words read, "Will You Marry Me?" This only agitated Amanda even more as she thought I was being my normal self and joking around (she was on to me for a while, so I had asked her to marry me before and had gotten down on my knee a few times to throw her off the trail). I stood up and grabbed the ring out of my pocket and got down on one knee. Amanda still couldn't see the ring in my hand, so she rolled her eyes at me and told me stop. Then she saw the ring and realized that it was real. I slid the ring on her finger and then she cried for about 10 minutes.



(AMANDA) I’m so excited to marry my best friend surrounded by my family and friends. A lot of our family lives outside of WI so we’re really hoping they will all be able to make it!

(CHRIS) To marry Amanda around everyone we love. Also, just to see all of our planning come together and the end result. 




(AMANDA) Ah EVERYTHING! I’m so excited to be together, plan our future, and have fun! I just know we’re going to have so many adventures together!

(CHRIS) Just to know at the end of the day, good or bad, Amanda’s there and we’re together.  

The Pre-wedding lowdown:

             Venue : Monona Terrace

             Colors :  Maroon, Deep Reds, Champagne, Gold

             DJ : Celebrations Entertainment (John Sherman)

Cake: Carl’s Cakes

Photography: Graham Washatka with Graham Images

Officiant: Carol Saunders

Photo booth: Global Photo booth 

Floral: Brandie’s Blooms

Rentals: Event Essentials and Al a Crate

We are so pumped to be a part of what is sure to be a beautiful day at the Monona Terrace. There's not much we love more than the unique set of clients we have at S&S! 

Happy Planning!



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