Best Wedding Photographers in Madison Wisconsin!

Wisconsin has many great photographers, that is for sure. At Spirit & Style Events, we see photography as an art form.   Finding a good photographer involves some soul searching by the clients.   Start searching for images that you love.  Create a little pinterest board of inspiration and cross track your favorite shots with prospective photographers and their most recent snaps. The personality of your photographer is a very important facet of choosing the right match too.  Remember that you will spend the entire day with the person you pick, so pick wisely!  

Fortunately, we know all the ones listed below have stellar personalities which was a huge consideration for them being picked for our list!  Read on to learn who we picked and hear their own comments on  their style, their favorite memories, and their ideal clients.

And without further ado, here are our top picks on our favorite Madison Wisconsin Photographers (in no particular order, as that would be like picking your favorite child or something!!) 

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Katie Ricard Photography

Who she is:  

Katie is a lover of the golden hour before sunset,  Chipotle (she can eat it every day!) and she has a love affair with love.  Her easygoing and passionate personality is evident in every communication she makes with her brides.  What can we say, we love her! Read on to hear more about what Katie feels about her style, ideal client and favorite moment. 

Her Style:

My style is photojournalistic with a fine art twist. Which to me, basically means that I love to capture all of the big and small moments that naturally unfold on a wedding day, but I also love the styled details, and setting up a couple in the perfect spot to create a beautiful image. Stylistically, I gravitate toward natural elements and color palates.

Her Ideal Client:

My ideal client is a couple whose top priority is having a meaningful wedding day. They want to enjoy the day and not be tied to a strict schedule (though they do have a schedule, because the day won’t be stress free without one!). They want to spend as much time outside as possible. They are laid back, and want great images, but they don’t need to spend hours and hours taking those photos. They are always up for an adventure. It’s not all about the bride, it’s about the two of them and the celebration of their love. My ideal clients value photography and know that it will be the thing that lasts once the cake is gone and the dancing is over. 

Her Fave Wedding Moment:

I’ve had a lot of awesome weddings this year, so this is a super hard question. But I think one the freshest and most impactful wedding experience I have, was one of my fall weddings. They had their wedding ceremony in an open field, and I got goosebumps more than once during their ceremony. The message was powerful, it wasn’t the same readings I’d heard over and over, and it was just so cool to watch this bride and groom be so in the moment with each other. I think the word “authentic” has started to be a little over used lately, but this day was the real meaning of that word. There was nothing about their day that was over done, or unnecessary. The bride was admittedly not a detail person, but her mom helped out a lot, and the details were simple, natural, and fit the day perfectly. And then to top it all off, at the end of the night, for their exit, they got into a kayak and paddled away into the night under a sky full of stars. Definitely one of the most unique exits I’ve seen! 

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Caynay Photography

Who she is:

Caitlin is a lover of pizza (especially Ians Pizza!) She loves music with a passion.  She spends her days editing photos in the company of her dog Otto, an english bulldog.  Caitlin has been living in Madison since 2012 and she loves to shoot bright crisp images.  We absolutely love her outgoing demeanor and we cannot say enough about her talent!

Her Style:  

I have always defined my photography style as capturing vibrancy & light. I love light and airy but I want my images to remain full of color. When it comes to posing, I want my couples to feel candidly posed. Capturing their joy, love, and energy is something that is so important to me but guiding them through poses gives them the ability to let those emotions flow. 

Her ideal client:

My ideal client is the bride that is genuinely excited about her wedding photography. She's radiant, joyful, full of love, and classic.. But those same words pertain to my grooms too. I strive to connect with my couples and I find that my ideal client is the bride & groom who I'd welcome into my friend circle (I crave those personal connections). I have recently connected all my brides to one main characteristics though, & that's laid back. They're all so go-with-the-flow.. Excited for their wedding day but more excited for their marriage. 

Her Fave Wedding moment:

Oh this is a tough one! It's so cliche but there are so many moments that I've adored over the years. I had a bride (a few weeks following her wedding) email me with a not-so-happy story about her uncle that had passed away in a car accident.. She had attached an image that I caught of him and his wife dancing. I mean, you could feel the love radiate from this man for his wife. It truly was amazing and during editing I had teared up. She went on to explain how much that image meant to her and her family as it totally encapsulated their relationship. It's things like that, that I hang on to. This photography thing is WAY bigger then anything I can imagine. You (as a photographer) are providing couples with stories from their day and remembering that is so important. It isn't about the money, or the "how many weddings I can book" but serving each of your couples like they're your only couple. Telling their stories to your greatest ability.  
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Maison Meredith Photography

Who they are:  


Maison and Caleb are a husband and wife duo based in Madison Wisconsin. They love country music, Chipotle, and spend their days with their dog. Their own love for eachother makes it easy for them to highlight the little details that make each wedding day specific and unique to each couple.  We love their charisma, their attention to detail and their prompt communication style!

Their style: 

We would describe our style as bright, clean, crisp, joyful + genuine!  We strive to capture each wedding day with authenticity - focusing on beautiful portraits, candid moments, + accurate coloring/tones. 

Their ideal client:

We've found that Madison Meredith couples tend to share a lot of the same characteristics - ones that we, too, value + find inspiring! besides their love for marriage + each other (those are obvious ones, right?!) our couples place great value on the relationships in their lives + tend to be influencers + connectors of those around them. They are driven, joyful + often like to travel together. Most Maison Meredith couples plan wedding days that are extremely intentional regarding guest list and design + one big celebration!

Their fave wedding moment:

Oh this is so hard to choose! Our favorite memories are always things about each day that are unique to the couple - those intentional decisions that they made to create a wedding day that was special to them + their guests! For example, our final wedding of the busy season this year was a Western/Indian wedding day fusion + it was SO much fun! The music, the colors, the dancing, the intricacy of the ceremony rituals, I could just go on + on!

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Molly Jo Photography

Who she is:


Molly is a lover of spending time in her cottage up north with friends and family. She loves the fun of crafting, painting or just spending the day hanging out with her loved ones.  Being a firm believer of community over competition, she lives her life with love and trust in her heart for all those around her.   We love her sweet demeanor and zest for life. She exudes confidence and kindness all in one!

Her style:

I would describe my style as journalistic and candid. I love to anticipate the real moments, capture the emotion, and to be able to deliver a full gallery that tells your wedding day story, bringing you right back to all the feels from your celebration. 

He ideal client

My ideal clients are people who are kind. Seriously, that's the biggest thing! Kindness and an up for anything attitude.  If I'm digging deeper yet, I find that the people I'm most compatible with are laid back.  I love to shoot outside, go on little walks during sessions to capture those "in between"  more relaxed moments, and find that couples who can kick off their shoes and dance in fields are the ones who will gravitate to my style and approach most. I want to be just as ideal for them as they are for me! 

Her fave wedding moment:

Ooh, I have SO MANY! I'm totally going to cheat this question and bulk a bunch of experiences into one. Reactions! Reactions are my favorite experiences of wedding days.  When the groom sees the bride for the first time, when father and daughter are invited to the dance floor, when family sees the dress the bride selected, it's all too good.

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6) Natural Intuition Photography

Who they are:

Christine and Justin (adventure partners in life!) are the face of Natural Intuition Photography.  They are a lovely pair who enjoy hiking,  showcasing their awesome dance moves at weddings, and making their clients laugh. They just recently moved to Madison with their two kitties and absolutely cannot get enough coffee or travel in their lives. We love their storytelling process in their images and their candid demeanor.  

Their Photography Style

I get asked this question a lot and to be honest it always catches me off guard. I would love to say that it is Photojournalist and Modern - but to be totally honest I listen to my heart when photographing couples, families and places. I wait eagerly for the enviroment to tell it's story, the couple to relax and forget I am there. Being able to capture moments that fly by so fast - is a major super power! Same goes to when I edit - I let the photo tell me how to edit it - to pull as much emotion as possible from it. 

Their ideal client:

I have re-written this answer many many times - trying to find the right words. But, I always come back to this ... My ideal client is someone who loves adventure and life fully. They aren't afraid to try something new, hike a little for an epic shot, or drink a beer on the beach. I adore when people get lost in the moment, forget we are they and just be them. People are amazing and oh so beautiful the way they are - forget about being picture perfect and get lost in the messy adventure that is life. 

Their Favorite Wedding Day experience:

I have so many, this is hard question! I could say, the first look, when she puts her dress on or something like that. But, the one thing that always pops into my head most is the people they invite into their important day. Their wedding party and the guests - these people are the ones they love most in their lives. These are the people who travel half way around the world to celebrate with you. 

I have only honestly cried twice (yes I tear up at every wedding but not cried) while photographing weddings, once I balled when the bride and groom had a Memorial Dance for her father. It was a beautifully sad moment filled with so much love. The other was when a groom grabbed his grandmother and dance with her on the dance floor. 

The people are my favorite part - looking around the room while speeches are being made, and seeing the joy on their faces, happy tears running down their cheeks - so much love pours from so many hearts on wedding days. This is what truly makes my job so awesome!

7) SV Heart Photography

Who she is: 

Sharon is a carefree and hilarious gal who loves to laugh. She's been shooting weddings for 9 years and loves every second of it.  If you like someone who will make you laugh in an honest way and will make even the shyest folks come out of their shell, then Sharon is your gal! We love her eye for details and her confidence!

Her style:  

My wedding style is fun. Fun! I love it when people are happy and comfortable with each other and easy. I am pretty laid back and for the most part I attract that type of client. I want to think of my style as candid but sometimes it takes a little getting the candid out of people. I try. Man--I try pretty hard for those posed candid shots. Ha! Most "candid" shots of a couple are posed. I'm sure most people get that. 
I do have a dream of doing wedding photos of a couple doing regular everyday things for the bride & groom shots. Like grocery shopping or washing their car. People don't wash their car on their wedding day. Breaks my heart. 

Her ideal client:

 My ideal client is laid back but still cares. And can tell me good stories. And is getting married outdoors or in a space with a bunch of windows. 

Her fave wedding moment: 


I loved loved loved it at a recent wedding that they kept the donkeys out for the photos of the two of them. And then when the wedding party showed up for photos it was cut short cause of a crazy downpour. I love a wild card moment at a wedding like that. LOVE IT!!!! I'm sure people were worried about the rain and this and that but man was I happy!!! WILD CARD.
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We hope that this gets you started on picking the right photographer for your big day. If you need any help finding the perfect picks for vendors in your wedding planning process, feel free to reach out to Spirit & Style Events for all your wedding planning needs. We offer hourly consultations for style and design of weddings and vendor selection. We also offer packages for full service, partial planning and day of coordination only!   Get in touch today to start planning the day of your dreams!  

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