Photo Credit: Caynay Photography

Photo Credit: Caynay Photography

Ru Wood is the owner and CEO of Spirit & Style Events, Wisconsin's premiere Event Planning Agency based in Madison Wisconsin.  Seen as a  pioneer in event planning, she is an ingenious resource for creative solutions to corporate and personal event planning.     Spirit & Style Events is an event planning firm that believes in the power of a unique and positive event.  It is through creative event planning that goals are met and clients are satisfied with their returns. 


Dear Lovely You,

When I first sat down to write this, I just didn't know where to start.  This isn't actually an "about us" page.  In fact, it's about you, lovely you, and the events that parallel who you are.   Yet, I know you came here to find out more about who Spirit & Style Events really is, so let me tell you a bit about our mission.  

When I started this company, all I had was a dream to connect with others.  I wanted to build truly memorable events that would transcend the status-quo in Wisconsin and beyond.  It is important to me that each event we design be an authentic process that brings out the stark individuality of our clients.  It is this absolute goal that drives me forward each and every day.  First and foremost, we are event designers who create memories from scratch.   Our approach to events is fully comprehensive and design centered.  Our heart lies in being visionaries. We do not believe in cookie cutter events.  We know that with vision, we can create events that matter to our clients and their guests. 

On top of our design aesthetic, we also guarantee precise attention to detail in planning your event.   We understand how important it is to stay within your designated budget.  We guarantee your happiness every step of the way. Our team is dedicated to your event's success.

This is not just a job to me.  This is a lifestyle.   It is important that you hire an event planning firm that has PASSION to want to be the best.    My passion lies in my client's satisfaction.  Every day, I get to see the best days of my clients' lives.  I get to see companies become their brands, and build a sense of community through their events.  I couldn't be more grateful for that.  Our memories are what connect us to each other and keep us in touch with humanity.   

I am simply a mother, an entrepreneur and a creative soul wanting to build better moments for those around me.  I am lucky that I am constantly reminded of life's great joys in my career.   My motto in life has always been:  don't dream your life, live your dreams.  So, welcome to Spirit & Style Events, my new friend.  Here's to keeping your dreams alive.  Designing, creating, evolving: one memory and one event at a time. 

Wishing you all the best,

Ru Wood, CEO & Owner


Featured, Wisconsin Bride Magazine, January 2017

Featured, Wisconsin Bride Magazine, September 2016